Assistive Technology Centre SSRSB Services:

  1. provide assessments and observation for assistive technology for school age students with ANY disability

  2. provide assessments for children in an early intervention program 1 year prior to entering school

  3. test site for new assistive technologies including beta testing of new AT Apps (i.e. Proloquo2go)

  4. provide team training on specific assistive technologies recommended for students

  5. provide staff training on various assistive technologies as requested

  6. provide AT awareness to schools, staff, students, parents, administrators and community members

  7. develop and manage the Assistive Technology Loan Library for the SSRSB

  8. manage over 500 low tech, medium tech and high tech AT devices including:

    1. Adapted Physical Education equipment (see pdf brochure)

    2. AT for student with Learning Disabilities (Kurzweil, CoWriter, iPads, iPad minis and appropriate Apps - in collaboration with the LD Specialist etc.)

    3. AT for students with visual impairments

    4. AT for students with physical disabilities

    5. AT for students with cognitive delays

    6. AT for students hearing impairments

    7. No tech or Low Tech devices

    8. Alternate keyboards

    9. Communication / AAC devices (Go Talks single, 4 cell, 9 & 20 cell, iPod Touches & P2Go etc.)

    10. Single Switch devices and adapted toys

    11. Sensor switches

    12. Sensory devices (with OT support)

    13. Touch screens

    14. Software for Autism

    15. iPod Touches for LD, cognitive delay etc.

    16. iPads, iPod minis and appropriate apps that match the student’s strengths and needs

    17. laptops for AT training etc.etc.

    18. Move n’ Sit cushions, adapted pencil grips, slant boards, foot supports, magnifiers, seating supports, tactile books,and much more

  9. recommend appropriate purchases of AT for the SSRSB based on student needs as noted through AT assessments and observations

  10. Proposal writing and fundraising for AT

Referral Process Assistive Technology Centre 


Student’s name is brought before the school

Program Planning Team for possible referral

to the Assistive Technology Centre.

Program Support Teachers,classroom teacher

or parent may refer students, but the referral

must go through the Program Planning Team

at the school level. Once agreed upon, the

PPT team will fill out the  Assistive

Technology referral form, located in the

Student Services binder or online (

Ensure the form is sent to Student Services

(Diana Knock, Board Office by the designated cut off date.


Action plans for all referrals received are

formulated at the Community of Schools



Actions may include:

  1. Assessments are done with the student

at the at the school or occasionally in the ATC. 

It is important

that a representative from the school be

present for this assessment. Parents may

attend as well.

  1. Observations are done with the student

at the centre or at the school.  It is

important that a representative from the

school  be present for the observation.

Parents may attend as well. 

Staff participation is important:

•To provide additional information about the


•To observe the student working with the

assistive technology

•To discuss the technology that may be

recommended for the student.

•To discuss ways of integrating the assistive

technology into the curriculum

•To receive assistive technology

from the ATC loan library

  1. Shortly after the Community of

Schools meeting, an appointment for

the student will be arranged with the

school for an assessment or observation.

  1. Reports will be written up and  and posted to TieNe

and an email is sent to the contact person named on

the referral form to notify them the report is uploaded.

Included in the reports will be

descriptions of all the hardware and/or

software or mobile device recommended.  Training is also

always recommended. Training can be

booked through Barbara or Anita.

When you receive the report, the

Assistive Technology Coordinator will

review the report with the parents and

the Program Planning Team as requested.

Within a month of the PPT and report

review, the Assistive Technology Centre

staff will meet, email or phone to discuss

how the AT is being utilized with the

school personnel to assist in further

implementation of the recommendations,

if needed.  AT follow up is ongoing

throughout the student’s career.