Assistive Technology Centre Society


The Assistive Technology Centre Society was registered as a not for profit society in July of 1993.  We are a registered Canadian Charity with a volunteer board of directors providing specific supports for our clientele on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

  1. The main focus of our Society is to fund raise to enhance our Assistive Technology Centre Loan Library supporting children with disabilities in the Lunenburg and Queens County areas, Nova Scotia, Canada.  We have recently also established a branch supporting the Halifax region of Nova Scotia.

  2. manage over 1,000 AT software packages and 500 AT devices including:

    1. Adapted Physical Education equipment

    2. AT for student with Learning Disabilities (Kurzweil, CoWriter etc.)

    3. AT for students with visual impairments

    4. AT for students with physical disabilities

    5. AT for students with cognitive delays

    6. AT for students hearing impairments

    7. including but not limited to....

    8. Alternate keyboards

    9. AAC devices

    10. Single Switch devices and toys

    11. Sensor switches

    12. Sensory devices (with OT support)

    13. Touch screens

    14. Software for Autism

    15. iPods and iTalks

    16. iPod Touch technology with specific APPS, iPads, iPad minis and iPhones for children with disabilities

    17. iPods for Cancer Patients

    18. laptops for AT training etc.etc.

  3. Proposal writing and fundraising for AT

AT is only provided on loan (or occasionally donated) based on an Assistive Technology assessment by an AT Specialist, OT or other AT qualified professional. 


Barbara Welsford, M.Ed., ATP, ATS,  LDATS, ATC

Assistive Technology Specialist

ATCS Chairperson


ATC Society

Providing ACCESS to Learning and Leisure opportunities for Children and Adults with disabilities through the use of low, medium and high tech tools.

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